1. "The evidence-based approaches contained within the SSS programs hold great promise for improving
the cognitive engagement, behavioral engagement, and self-efficacy capabilities of school-aged youths, thus leading to enhanced academic performance, and college and career readiness. Evidence indicates that from an early age, these developmental programs not only help typically performing students increase their academic achievement, but can also help level the playing field for historically underperforming students, raising their achievement and academic success levels to a degree that makes postsecondary education and advanced technical training a viable option with substantially increased probabilities of success.The extension of SSS to delivery through an online professional learning platform is brilliant."
-Bradley T. Erford, Ph.D.
2012-2013 President of the American Counseling Association

2. "We are very pleased with both the Ready to Learn & Student Success Skills programs that we have begun implementing in Alachua County. It has been of benefit to our students, has developed a more collaborative
relationship between counselors and teachers, and is well received by principals."
-Bill Goodman
Supervisor of Guidance & Student Services
Alachua County Public Schools

3. "As a long time elementary school counselor, I am very interested in how to support the academic achievement and social-emotional growth of students in a high stakes testing environment. Our students needed support in developing the right skills for classroom participation, tracking on their goals, studying and test success. After some research and a few conversations with the school principal, we decided on a K-5 roll out of Ready to Learn, Ready for Success and Student Success Skills. Over the next few years we incorporated these lessons through classroom guidance. By the 4th year, those kids who received the suite of RTL, RFS & SSS make huge gains on our standardized achievement tests. A really nice “bonus” came when I used the SSS Group Manual to provide Tier 2 small group counseling to students identified by our school based team."
-Michael Kane
Florida Elementary School Counselor of the Year
ASCA National Finalist

4. "Student Success Skills is our 'go-to' resource for a research based intervention for our struggling students. It meets the requirements necessary to be part of a Multi-Tiered System of Support and we find it to be a successful and integral part of our comprehensive school counseling program. The goal setting is an integral part of increasing student success. The easy to follow Classroom and Small Group lessons are a great resource for the demands of a busy school counselor. One of the best outcomes of the Student Success Skills program is students learning how to encourage each other. This has lead to a safer school environment and less bullying. At the middle school level, a safe and caring environment is necessary for student success. Thank you to the SSS program for helping us reach our goals for student safety and achievement."
- Janell Leatherman
Florida Middle School Counselor of the Year
ASCA National Award Finalist

5. "Thanks for your great presentation. I have [had] several mentors come up after the presentation and indicate it was one of the best professional development sessions that they have had in years."
- Marrius Pettiford, Ph.D.
Sr. Director of Counseling at Wake County Public School System, NC

6. "I just finished SSS Lesson 5 with my 7th grade classes this week and one of the teachers came by to say how much she loved having me, and to come back anytime with any more lessons that I would bring to her students. So, some of the resistance that I have encountered to classroom guidance lessons in past years is not only no longer an obstacle. Instead, that resistance has become welcome invitations to come into classes and that is encouraging to me."
- Linda McClamory
Middle school Counselor