Student Success Skills is a K-12 evidence-based model that helps students develop key cognitive, social and self-management skills.

The SSS Classroom and Group programs have 17 studies published in leading professional journals. SSS research has won a national award and been independently reviewed by the National Panel for Evidence-based Programs and the Center for School Counseling Outcome Research.

  • College/Career Success Skills (CCSS)


    The new College/Career Success Skills program is an extension of the SSS K-12 curriculum and prepares student to develop the academic, social, and self-management skills necessary to meet the 21st century college and career readiness demands. Five weekly lessons can be delivered by school counselors at high school level or early college/dual enrollment programs, or by trained peer mentors at the post-secondary level. Read more about College/Career Success Skills (CCSS)

  • Student Success Skills 2.0 Classroom Manual(Grades 6-10)

    Grades 6-10

    Student Success Skills 2.0 Classroom Manual

    Grade 6-10

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    A new version of the Student Success Skills Classroom program is now available!!!
    SSS 2.0 is about empowering young people with the tools they need to be successful in school, life, and work. SSS 2.0 is built upon the same strong theoretical and research base that support the original Student Success Skills Classroom program. Read more about Student Success Skills 2.0 Classroom Manual(Grades 6-10)

  • Ready To Learn Classroom Manual

    Grades K-1

    Teaching Students How to Succeed in School

    Ready To Learn is an early childhood classroom program that is based upon an extensive review of research on skills associated with school success. RTL is designed to promote the learning skills and social skills needed for school success. The main skill areas in the RTL program are attending, listening, social skills, and cognitive skills such as understanding story structure and asking effective questions. Read more about Ready To Learn Classroom Manual

  • Ready for Success Classroom Manual

    Grades 2-3

    Helping Students Develop the Academic, Social, and Self-Management Skills They Need to Succeed

    The most recently developed Student Success Skills Program is Ready for Success (RFS) for students in grades 2-3. Ready for Success is delivered in five classroom lessons. The RFS Classroom manual includes a CD with PowerPoint based lessons that are easy to follow and very engaging for students. Read more about Ready for Success Classroom Manual