Ready for Success Classroom Manual

Grades 2-3

Helping Students Develop the Academic, Social, and Self-Management Skills They Need to Succeed

The most recently developed Student Success Skills Program is Ready for Success (RFS) for students in grades 2-3. Ready for Success is delivered in five classroom lessons. The RFS Classroom manual includes a CD with PowerPoint based lessons that are easy to follow and very engaging for students. A story anchors each lesson. The CD also includes a brief overview PowerPoint presentation for teachers and administrators

The Ready for Success program fills an important gap. While developmentally appropriate interventions to teach critically important fundamental academic, social and self-management skills have been designed for students in grades K-1 (Ready to Learn) and for students in grades 4-10 (Student Success Skills), up until now this was not available for students in grades 2-3.

RFS is built upon the same strong theoretical and research base that support RTL and SSS. Modifications of RTL and SSS have been used as a foundation for RFS. Ready for Success targets similar attending, listening, cognitive and social skills that are taught in both the RTL and SSS programs. Developmentally appropriate vocabulary, graphics and activities are used to teach and practice these important skills.

The RFS program is published by Atlantic Education Consultants, Boca Raton, FL. Phone - 561-451-9719. The cost is $75.00 and $8 for shipping and handling.